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Armfield Distillation Columns get an upgrade

Posted on 10th January 2013

The first major addition is the inclusion of a unique eight point sample and feed sieve plate column section. This enables students to take vapour or liquid samples using a hypodermic needle from any of the sieve plates while the unit is in full continuous operation. In addition, these sample ports can also be utilised as additional feed positions on each sieve plate. This upgrade is available for both the UOP3CC and the UOP3BM and can also be purchased as an upgrade for existing systems.

 The other new addition is the optional LabVIEW software to control the UOP3CC. This is an alternative to the standard Armsoft 306 software and is available in two different versions.

UOP3CC-LV-RT is a run time version of the software. It does not require that LabVIEW™ is installed on the computer and requires no further license to run the software.

UOP3CC-LV-SC is aimed at experienced LabVIEW™ developers. It includes all the source files so that users can amend the software and optimise it to their own requirements. To use UOP3CC-LV-SC, the National Instruments LabVIEW™ development program must be installed on the computer (ie. NI Developer Suite 2012), complete with all appropriate licenses. (Armfield do not supply the National Instruments software).


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