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Armfield introduces a new range of Fire Testing Technology research equipment

Posted on 26th April 2016

Fire affects us in both direct and indirect ways. How it reacts with different materials can be linked to life safety and means of escape in a building or motor vehicle, and the toxicity levels of different chemicals under fire conditions can directly affect us, both in our everyday surroundings and in industrial settings. The properties of fire have wide-reaching applications across disciplines too, from environmental science and biochemistry to the use of calorimeters within the food technology sector.

Armfield’s new Fire Testing Technology Series is designed to test and measure the various properties of fire, ignitability, flame spread and smoke, heat and toxicity release, among other things.

The range comprises seven products, each designed to study a specific aspect of fire testing:

This product range is specifically designed to introduce students to the fundamental principles of measuring reaction to fire, exploring the concepts of ignition, flame spread, smoke production, heat release and toxicity.

To find out more, please visit our Fire Testing Technology Series area on the Armfield website.

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