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New Continuous In-Line Deaerator for the Food Technology R&D Laboratory

Posted on 4th March 2013

There are many reasons why you need to remove excess gas and air from all food products before processing. The Armfield FT51 Continuous Inline Deaerator is just the thing you need in your Research and Development laboratory enabling you to remove as much unwanted gas and air from your raw materials. The FT51 can perform both spray and disc deaeration and has a controllable vacuum level down to -0.95bar. It can be used as a standalone batch deaerator or can be linked to other Armfield continuous processing systems like the FT74XTS or the FT174X.

The FT51 features a full colour high resolution touch screen control interface, which is used to control all aspects of the process and also displays flow diagrams and current status of the product while processing.


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