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About Armfield's device compatible websites

Fifty years on and Armfield are still leading the way!

All websites are fully cross platform and work with smartphones and other mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs too!

Our adaptive layout and design detects the type of device you are using and resizes to fit your screen. You get only the content and layout that best suits your devices capabilities, so the site you see is optimised to run most effectively no matter what platform you choose to view it on. Clever stuff, but then that's what Armfield are about, constant innovation to supply you with the products you need to teach those that will engineer the future!


Added functionality:

Quick search
searchtools (M)

The new search tool at the top of each page enables you to quickly and simply locate the product or information you're looking for.


Build your own laborotory lists (proposals) for tender or comparison purposes right here in the website.

myLab has the following features and benefits

  • make as many myLab lists as you like
  • edit/delete them at any time
  • send your myLab list to us for quotation or to request additional information
  • e-mail your myLab list to colleagues
  • download product PDF data sheets. As you add products to your 'Lab' the PDF data sheet for each product is added to a folder, you can then download all these in a click of a button

Direct Message
directmessage (M)

If you want to send Armfield an e-mail, then you will find the Direct Message tool at the bottom of every page a very useful feature. There is no need to leave the page you're on to search around for contact information, just enter your email and your message, then click send.

Ask an expert
askanexpert (M)

Ask an expert enables you to send an enquiry to us quickly and easily. You can ask technical or general questions and can categorise the enquiry as Sales, General or Support. This can be found on the right of all product pages.



We hope you like the change and fresh approach. The sites are now more intuitive, with focus on finding the information or equipment you need faster than ever before.

Jon Filer
Head of Marketing & PR


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