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You can find answers and guidance relating to the set-up and operation of your Armfield equipment here.

Though most items will be better answered in the manual supplied with your equipment, we will post some of the more frequently asked questions here.

Software - Armsoft


If your screen is displaying the words: “IFD: Device Error” this means that the Armfield driver has not been installed. You can install the driver manually by following these instructions:

  • Click Start
  • Click Settings
  • Click Control Panel
  • Click System
  • Click Hardware
  • Click Device Manger
  • Click Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  • Right click on the Armfield USB device (should have a yellow questions mark next to it).

 Windows should then copy the driver from the Armfield CD onto the hard disk.

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F1-10 and F1- accessories


The tube could be bent but the most likely answer is that the tube has come out of the guide hole. If the customer unscrews the two grey collars either side of the clear acrylic Venturi section, he will be able to remove the Venturi. He needs to withdraw the tube before removing the collars. In the right hand side fitting he will see a diagonal bar with a small hole in it.

The tube must pass through this hole to ensure the tube is central in the Venturi.

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Armfield FT102X Carbonator/Filler/Capper

FT102X Carbonator/Filler/Capper -
Inconsistent CO2 levels - What could be the most likely cause?

The most likely cause of inconsistent CO2 levels is that the CO2 needle
valve V7 is blocked. This valve is used to maintain a fresh supply of CO2 in
the space above the product. If this valve becomes blocked then no fresh CO2
can enter the vessel. The valve can become blocked, over a period of time as
it takes up molecules of product as it vents the vessel.
When you look inside the back cabinet the valve V7, is above and to the left
of the vessel. There is a compression fitting above the valve which will
allow you to remove it.

The valve is a needle valve and it is important that you do not change the
valve dial position as this will change the flow through the valve.
Try blowing through the valve to see if it is blocked.
Simply run hot water through the valve to remove dissolve any product and
blow clean compressed air through it.

There is a procedure in the FT102X manual (pages 42,43) that
describes how to set the valve at the correct flow for your application.

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